Hi, I'm Rachel Gelderbloom

Each and every piece of jewelry I create is handmade. 

Every ring is opened, connected and closed with patience, precision and attention to detail.

For me it’s more than just making jewelry – it’s creating a unique and lasting connection with the people who choose to wear it.

HOW IT'S MADE: Stretch Chain Persian Bracelet

A combo of metal and rubber rings create a clasp-free bracelet that's made to stretch, roll and slide onto the wrist easily. It's weightless, durable, stackable and cool AF. 


The People are saying...

I love how versatile my bracelets are! I can dress them up or down. Plus they are super easy to mix and match the colours and styles

Kristin B.

My style is classic, so I love how I can wear the bracelets with basically everything I own

Kyla T.

The Spike ear rings are my go-to, can't live without accessory

Olivia L.



Balm Beach

Tiny, Canada

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